Chronic Pain

Chronic pain affects more than your body. It can hinder your job, negatively impact your relationships and lead to depression.

Chronic pain is difficult to diagnose and treat; you need the help of medical professionals with the experience and knowledge to provide you with more options than just a prescription for pain medication. You need personalized treatment from experts who specialize in pain management issues and who have a history of accurately diagnosing and successfully treating chronic pain.

UV Pain Management

At Utah Valley Pain Management (UVPM), we believe in a compassionate, individualized approach to pain management. Our interdisciplinary team includes physicians, mid level providers, psychologists and a physical therapist. You, as the patient, are an important part of this team as we work together to help manage and treat your chronic pain.

Sometimes pain is adequately managed by working with only one portion of the team. However, in some complex situations the entire team is needed. Pain management is optimized by obtaining multiple perspectives from the entire team and then strategizing together on how to best manage the pain and the suffering that is occurring because of that pain.