Garrett Chesley, PhD

Dr. Garrett Chesley received a dual degree from Loma Linda University in Clinical Psychology and Public Health, which emphasizes behavioral medicine education and training. He has expertise in individual and group psychotherapy, biofeedback and stress management, health psychology, psychological assessment, and couples therapy. He has worked at the BYU Counseling Center, the Loma Linda VA Medical Center, and in the Family Medicine Clinic and Geriatric Clinic at the Loma Linda University Medical Center. This has afforded him opportunities to integrate psychology and health into clinical applications in a variety of medical settings.

Dr. Chesley’s research interests include psychotherapy outcomes, mind-body interactions, health outcomes, and studying psychosocial risk factors, lifestyle behaviors, and disease risk reduction and recovery. He is a member of the American Psychological Association and the Utah Psychological Association.

Dr. Chesley is a part of the psychology department at Utah Valley Pain Management, providing opioid risk assessments, presurgical evaluations, psychological assessments, stress management and biofeedback, pain management, individual and couples psychotherapy, as well as working with UVPM’s group psychotherapy programs. He is committed to UVPM’s interdisciplinary team approach that allows us to provide more flexible and comprehensive care that will increase quality of life and functionality for the patients we serve. When he is not working, he enjoys being with his family, music, reading, sports and outdoors activities, and making pottery.