Psychological & Supportive Services

Chronic pain can affect more than just your body.
Pain can disrupt your emotional, mental and spiritual well-being.  It can affect your physical activity levels, your ability to work, personal relationships, sleep, and the list goes on!  At Utah Valley Pain Management, our specialists in medicine, psychology, and physical therapy work together to treat the whole person, not just the physical complaint.  Our psychologists, Garrett Chesley, PhD, and Liz Baker, PhD, are specialized to help you learn pain coping skills which can improve your adjustment to an ongoing pain condition and minimize the negative effects of your condition on your life.
UV Pain Management

INDIVIDUAL THERAPY SERVICES:  General Counseling and Specialty Services

Many of our patients find that supportive individual, couples, group, or family therapy can help in managing and adjusting to emotional, vocational, lifestyle and relationship difficulties related to their pain. Along with general counseling services, we offer the following specialty services:

Biofeedback and Relaxation / Stress Management
As you know, it is hard to be in pain AND be relaxed at the same time. You have probably also noticed that when you are tense or stressed, it can often make physical pain worse. We can help you train your body to be more relaxed through biofeedback, a technique that involves practicing relaxation strategies while monitoring your body’s muscle tension, temperature, or other stress indicators.

Behavioral Sleep Management
There are several behavioral techniques which can help maintain your body’s circadian rhythm and better regulate sleep. We teach people how to apply these techniques, called “sleep hygiene,” to help improve their sleep.

Neuropsychological Services
Sometimes people may experience problems with memory, attention, organizing, and other areas of neuropsychological functioning which make it difficult to manage their medical needs. If this is the case, we can assess your functioning in these areas and build skills and strategies to help make it easier for you to manage these needs.

GROUP THERAPY SERVICES: Chronic Pain Support Groups

Chronic pain isn’t easy, but it is often easier when you aren’t dealing with it alone. Group Therapy is a place to learn things about yourself as you relate to others dealing with chronic pain conditions.

Pain Coping Group
While you may not be able to eliminate your pain, you can always improve your “relationship” with your pain. This group involves exploring cognitive behavioral strategies which may help you better adjust to, understand, and cope with your pain.

Relaxation and Stress Management Group
In this group, you will become more aware of your stress and how to manage it. You will also learn techniques including body awareness, breathing, progressive relaxation, meditation, visualization, self-hypnosis, and autogenics. You will receive assignments to practice and monitor your progress.

Medication Management and Pain Coping Group
While medications may often be very helpful in pain management, they can also have serious adverse side effects. Some of these medications may cause addiction in some patients. This group is designed to address medication use from the standpoint of addiction risk. The goal is to increase awareness of the potential for addiction and educate on principles that may help in diminishing (though not eliminating) risk.

What to do next:

We would love to help you get the services you need. If you have questions or would like to be added to a group waiting list, just talk to your provider or one of our front desk support staff.  If you are not a current patient at Utah Valley Pain Management but are interested in individual, couples, or family therapy, or would like more information about one of our groups, please contact one of our service representatives at 801.235.7246.