“I had pain in my knees for two years after an accident. Following a knee scope, I still had a great deal of pain. Then I found Roger Pack, who in one visit found the origin of my pain and showed me what to do to correct it. I am now pain-free. I only wish I had seen Roger for physical therapy before undergoing surgery unnecessarily.” Von, UVPM patient


“Life is a funny thing. I came to UVPM tired, broken and pretty much at the end of a very long, very difficult and very painful road. A lot of years and a lot of events stitched themselves together to become the net that eventually trapped me. When [Travis Dimond, PA-C] told me I would need to do physical therapy to get better I remember my heart just sinking one last time. I had tried to exercise before at the request of another doctor and had completely failed to do it. I failed because I needed help. I needed someone to care. I needed someone to listen. I needed someone to show me how to take those first steps back to healthy. What I learned here at UVPM is that you need others to heal… It is the people that make the difference and the people that I’ve been lucky to meet at UVPM have made all the difference.” Jeanne, UVPM patient


“I had a great experience. I was going through very difficult challenges as I was trying to cope with my pain, which stems from a chronic illness that I have and affected me deeply, emotionally as well as physically and so the help I received here was probably not an exaggeration to say it was life changing.” Blake, UVPM patient


“I would definitely recommend Utah Valley Pain Management – and have to several friends already – because I felt like for the first time in several years I was really making progress. I really appreciate the way that they combined the psychology and physical therapy and the traditional medical and I felt like working with all of those things together is what really brought me into a better place. “ Kristen, UVPM patient


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5 of 5 stars12/30/2013  Really concerned, comprehensive pain treatment by Alyson –

After moving to the area, I was in need of pain management for multiple spinal problems. I was impressed with UV Pain Management, and have been with them for two years. They use all methods to treat pain. Although I am prescribed meds, they also have on-site physical therapy and psychologists to help deal with the pain. They use interventional techniques, together with their team of radiologists. They are conscientious prescribers, and make sure their patients are as comfortable as possible without turning them into drug addicts. The practice is well-managed, and I get in on time without waiting. And, they know my name and treat me like a person instead if a subject. I wholeheartedly recommend their services.

5 of 5 stars02/21/2011  Thank you! by AquaRog –

My mother went to see Dr. Ockey and she just loved him. They got to be very close and he always treated her like a person rather than a patient. So when I needed help with my sciatica I went to see him and Karee. They did a thorough evaluation and listened to what I wanted. I did not want medications to dull the pain, I wanted to address the root causes. I received an injection which got rid of the majority of my pain. I always feel welcome and like I am a person rather than a commodity.

5 of 5 stars02/15/2011  Such great service by shortstack –

The providers and office staff are among the best I’ve encountered. The office staff was so friendly every time I came in, and they remembered who I was without me having to remind them. The providers got to know me as an individual and learned the needs and problems I had. They dug as long as it took to find the root of my problems, and gave me the best solution available. It was so nice to have the physical therapy staff in the same building so I didn’t have to drive around town to get the care I needed. Thank you Utah Valley Pain Management!



5 of 5 stars

Aug 23, 2010
by Mesha
This Pain Management Clinic is Superb. I have gone everywhere; and they don’t just throw drugs at you they find the cause and then they manage the pain or even cure the problem. They are very on time as well; no one wants to be at another doctors office; but these people have ALL treated me with kindness and respect. Thank you so much Utah Valley Pain Management for caring about me when I felt no one did anymore. Sincerely, Mesha